Newt Was Cleared….

Gingrich cleared on charges as Speaker


“Gingrich came in & pushed a CONSERVATIVE AGENDA which did not go over well with much of the Republican establishment”

“In 1979 when Newt went to Washington the Republican leadership did not care about advancing a conervative agenda…”

“In 1979 GOP Leadership did not really care what DEMS were doing to America” Newt began to change that—>

“Newt continued pushing Contract with America & on election night ’94 Republicans took control of the House for first time in 38 years”

In 1979  Newt said “we can be a majority in Congress and he started the Conservative Opportunity Society” They did become a majority.

Who is & isn’t a conservative in race for President? Let’s remember the only one to advance a conservative agenda thru Congress. Newt.

What really happened in the Gingrich Ethics Case? by Byron York from his 1995/1999 articles:  FLPrimary #flsen #sayfie

$300K Newt paid following ethics charges was not a “fine” and he was cleared of charges –

Pushing Newt out was revenge of establishment_since then there has been no conservative agenda advanced thru congress

Renewing American Civilization
Request for Funding
June 1, 1993

Ads by Romney Super Pac which state $300K Newt paid following ethics charges was a “fine” is FALSE:

Setting the Record Straight: Newt’s Positions on the Issues and His Record

Newt Gingrich and the Ridiculous “Ethics Violations” Penalty

Newt Gingrich cleared, Now How About a Refund?!

Newt was Cleared of Ethics Charges:

Not a single ethics charge filed against Speaker Gingrich was ever found to be based in fact

Gingrich Never Fined, Ethics Violation, Ethics Probe

3 thoughts on “Newt Was Cleared….

  1. Hi Roger’s Daughter – thank you for this awesome post.

    For others who are interested, more original material– Newt’s older speeches on CONVENIENT CLICKABLE LINKS:

    Thank you, Roger’s Daughter. I appreciate more than I can say that you went to all the trouble to put this information together. I will put your link in comments and up on the NEWT GINGRICH FOR PRESIDENT website.

    • This election couldn’t be more critical to the future of our country. I’ve searched and deliberated on all the candidates over the past months and know beyond a doubt Newt is the only one, with tough, effective leadership, to challenge the Obama machine and win. We must send only our most savvy and capable out to meet the Goliath.

      What I am saying to those like Brit Hume talking about Newt’s past:

      WHO CARES??!! Nothing about specific events in a person’s personal past defines the total person they’ve become over the years. We make mistakes, we recover from them and grow. If they want to cover & protect themselves in the details that’s fine too. Just GET PAST IT. Newt is smarter, more capable, more savvy, wiser and better prepared to lead this country than all the rest of the candidates…especially Obama. He knows what has to be done and has the strength of his convictions to get it done. It’s about the forest…not the trees. Newt has an ability to drive a point home, to challenge with conviction, to separate the wheat from the chaff…and those who are supporting him now realize this about him – he is sincere when he says if we are with him we can turn America around…we believe him because we know he can be just that effective. When Romney says this…we just don’t believe him. While all the small-minded are sniveling over insignificant details the rest of us are trying to focus on what really matters and who can unite the patriots and save this country! Mitt Romney doesn’t have it…accept it and get over it

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