Climate Scandals: List Of 94 Climate-Gates (partial) from 2010

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Climate Scandals: List Of 94 Climate-Gates

By P Gosselin on 3. August 2010

No science produces more controversy, exaggerations, distortions, follies, and falsehoods than climate science does. In this new list we’ve got

94 climate-gates total
28 new gates
145 links to reports with details.

The new gates on the list are designated with “NEW!” to make them easy to spot. Thanks to a number of readers who have given me tips.

At the author’s request…this is a partial list…his website is:

1. Acceleration of sea level rise-gate
Claims of accelerating sea level rise are misleading.
2. African agriculture claim-gate
IPCC wrongly claims that in some African countries yields from rain-fed agriculture could be reduced by up to 50 percent by 2020.
3. AIT-gate and British High Court
35 errors or gross exaggerations are found in Al Gore’s Oscar winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth.
4. NEW! Alaskan glaciers-gate
Loss of glaciers in Alaska was grossly exaggerated.
5. Amazon rainforest-gate and here (NEW!) and here (NEW!)
IPCC cites “robust” source: green activist organisation WWF. WWF’s source was merely an anonymous brief on forest fire risks posted in 1999 and taken down four years later.
6. Antarctic sea ice-gate
Antarctic sea ice underestimated by 50%.
7. NEW! Authoritarian science-gate
The science says… Science is increasingly used as an instrument of authority to impose public policy.
8. NEW! Australia-gate Australia temperature adjusted upwards to show more warming.
9. Bangladesh-gate
IPCC inflates Bangladesh doomsday forecasts in 2007 4AR.
10. NEW! Biofuel-gate
Efforts to save the planet by using bio-fuels are in fact rapidly destroying it.
11. NEW! Black list-gate and here, here and William Anderegg and here
Sceptic scientists are branded and listed by largely discredited, angry alarmist NAS scientists.
12. Boot-cleaning manual-gate
IPCC 4AR cites boot cleaning instructions of an Antarctica tour operator.
13. NEW! BP funds Greenpeace-gate
Follow the money. BP funds Big Green.
14. China-gate and here.
Chinese weather stations were seriously flawed, or could not be located.
15. Climate Camp-gate
Leading environmentalists fly 12,000 miles to attend a conference on protecting the environment.
16. Climate-gate Mother of science scandals, see this excellent Finnish documentary. Loads of literature everywhere. Also read A.W. Montford’s The Hockey Stick Illusion
17. NEW! Consensus-gate
IPCC claim of scientific consensus was phony.
18. NEW! Copenhagen Limo-gate
Governments and activists that demand we stop emitting CO2 book all limos in Copenhagen.
19. NEW! Coral reefs-gate
The coral reefs are not threatened by global warming. They’ve endured far greater climate extremes many times in the past.
20. CRU data deletion-gate and Dog-ate it-gate
Reasearch unit destroys original temperature data.
21. NEW! Deutsche Welle-gate
Public, taxpayer-funded broadcaster advises journalists to abandon neutrality.
22. Discernable influence-gate
Ben Santer slips in infamous clause to Chapter 8 of the 1995 IPCC Report, after the meeting of drafting scientists in Madrid.
23. Drought-gate
Australian drought falsely attributed to AGW.
24. NEW! Dutch-gate
Dutch agency reports 55 percent of the Netherlands is below sea level, when actually it is only 26%.
25. EPA-gate
EPA bureaucracy attempts to unconstitutionally seize regulatory power without consent from Congress in attempt to dictate ever aspect of human life.
26.NEW! Faster then every place-gate Tom Nelson and here WUWT
Contradictory claims that so many spots on earth are warming faster than everyplace else proves gross over-dramatisation of climate change.
27. Five-star WWF-gate
Swanky, carbon-spewing environmental cruise by the WWF.
28. Finland-gate
NASA GISS shows record high temps for Finland in March 2010 when it was actually colder than normal.
29. Flooded house-gate
Global Climate Change Report uses doctored photos for emotion.
30. FOI-gate
East Anglia committed a crime by refusing to release global warming documents sought in 95 Freedom of Information Act requests.
31. Fungus-gate
Media immediately falsely attributes spread of deadly fungus to global warming.
32. Gatekeeping-gate
Warmist scientists conspire to keep dissenting views out of science journals.
33. GISS Metar-gate and Temperature records seriously flawed as recorders forget the minus sign.
34. NEW! GISS Swiss cheese-gate
GISS uses temperature stations 1200 km away to fill in missing data, creating imaginary hot-spots.
35. GISS FOIA-gate and NASA stall-gate/
GISS stonewalls access to internal documents exposing an abuse of taxpayer funds to advance the global
warming agenda.
36, NEW! GISS rewrites history-gate and here
NASA’s GISS manipulates historical record to make past look colder and present warmer.
37. Gore private jet-gate
Gore using private jet and limousines while demanding we walk.
38. Greenpeace-gate
IPCC cites publications by publicity-seeking activist group Greenpeace.
39. Hansen 1930s hot-gate
Errors in Hansen’s temperature calculation made the 1990s hotter than the 1930s.
40. Hansen stagecraft-gate
Air conditioners were turned off in midsummer to make 1988 Congressional hearings look hot and sweaty.
41. Himalaya-gate and here
IPCC cites non-peer reviewed literature to support a preposterous claim.
42. Hockey-stick-gate and here and here WCR
Michael Mann produces the faulty and fraudulent hockey stick graph.
43. Hollywood hypocrites-gate and Dave Matthews and Sting-gate and NEW! Kerry yacht-gate
Private-jet setting lifestyles of rich and famous environmentalist hypocrites. We fly, you walk.
44. Hurricane-gate
IPCC exaggerates hurricane activity in it’s now discredited 2007 4th Assessment Report.
45. NEW! Jeff Greene drags anchor through coral reef-gate
Billionaire Senator drops anchor and drags it through coral reef near Belize.
46. Jesus Paper-gate
Bishop Hill (A.W. Montford) explains the repeated resurrection of a paper unfit for publication.
47. NEW! Jon Krosnick-gate and here NYT
48. NEW! Judith Lean-gate and here and here.
49. Kilimanjaro-gate
Kilimanjaro’s snowcap not disappearing due to warming.
50. NEW! Lizard-gate
Knee-jerk blame on warming for disappearance of lizards.
51. Malaria-gate and here (new!)
IPCC erroneously claims that global warming leads to increased malaria.
52. Meat-gate
UN claims that meat production was responsible for 18% of greenhouse gases are false.
53. Mega-mansion-gate
Carbon crusader Al Gore purchases huge $8.875 million California mansion, never mind his Nashville home.
54. Met Office computer-gate
Met Office of tree-hugging CRU installs huge energy-consuming super computer.
55. NEW! Moynihan, Daniel Patrick 1969-gate
Projected increases in CO2 and impacts greatly exaggerated in 1969.
56. NEW! Muir Russell-gate
Yet another inquiry can’t figure out what hide the decline and delete e-mails means.
57. National Academy of Sciences tax-dollar-gate and here
The Academy uses almost $6 million in taxpayer money to produce cooked books.
58. NASA/NCDC bad data-gate and here
NASA climate data worse than discredited and embattled Climate Research Unit in England.
59. NEW! NASA greenhouse gas-gate
NASA scientists take the Stefan-Boltzmann blackbody numbers and multiply them by an additional factor of two to devise NASA’s official Earth energy budget.
60. New Zealand-gate NEW! and here
New Zealand’s NIWA doctors its 147-year temperature series to show warming.
61. NEW! Nicholas Stern-gate and here here
Banker Nicholas Stern writes 712-page 2006 Stern Report with preposterous claims of a collapsing world economy caused by manmade climate change.
62. NOAA adjustment-gate and here, and here
NOAA “adjusts” data to show warming.
63. NOAA/GISS data selection-gate and here
Weather station selection to show warming.
64. NEW! NOAA Hottest 6 months-gate.
NOAA Institute of Climatic Arts and Data Cookery fill in missing stations with hot temps.
65. NYT alarmism-gate and here
Climate change doom and gloom is an old story at the NYT.
66. NEW! Ocean acidification-gate
Threats of ocean acidification are exaggerated. 

More at orignial website:

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