Our Main Goal is to Get Started

Many of us on Twitter have discussed and debated current issues for some time and have now formed an alliance of “Patriots” in order to act as a unified voice. We have contacted our Representatives and expressed opinions on blogs and comment sections of major online newspapers and TV networks. Congress is at a stalemate over our nation’s debt crisis, jobs, taxes and healthcare…along with defense.  These are major issues giving us all much anxiety. But we feel that underlying the issues that face us is the fact that America does not have a president who serves her. Rather, Barack Obama represents all that is counter to the America of our Founding Fathers, in whom we place our trust and loyalty. I am sure you are fully aware of all the reasons I could give to justify this statement. I have tried to give you some background on what brings me to this moment in hopes you will see that I have devoted time and thought to this issue before making the decision to take action. I am not a radical or extremist. I don’t believe in violence. But I do believe in our great Constitution and am prepared to defend it. I want my daughter and granddaughter to know the America I grew up in and know the freedoms I have known that are guaranteed us in our Constitution. Barack Obama violates our Constitution in defiance of America’s values and principles.  He usurps power and puts America and all her citizens in grave danger. “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” _ThomasJefferson

It is in this spirit that patriots gather.

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